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A Fabulous Multi-Media Celebration of Our Fabulous First Ten Years

Dec. 4, 2004 | Unity Church, Enola
Giesala Collins, Artistic Director
Anthony Haubert, Accompanist | Renee Bartholomew, Percussionist


Opening (body percussion)

by Renee Bartholomew
Occasionally Cool Percussion Ensemble

Vignette on the Chorus' Beginnings

Donna G.

Sing a Rainbow

Words and music by Arthur Hamilton, arranged by John Coates, Jr.
Donna G.

Dona Nobis Pacem

Traditional Latin round (“Grant us peace”)

She Piped for Us But We Would Not Dance

by Libby Larsen

This is one of three pieces comprising a work entitled Today, This Spring, which was commissioned by David L. Cooper and Thomas Scott in remembrance of David's wife and Tom's sister, both of whom succumbed to breast cancer. She Piped For Us is based on the text of a sermon at Kathryn Scott Peterson's memorial service:
“She would have us dance and sing.”

How Can I Keep from Singing?

A Quaker hymn arranged by Gwyneth Walker

Vignette on the development of the chorus' mission statement

In order of appearance: Suzanne N., Linda N/, Shirley T., Susan S/, Cindy M/, and Joanne N. Conceived and directed by Suzanne N.

Step by Step

Traditional union organizing song

When They Know Who We Are

by Jamie Anderson, arranged by Karen Kinsman
Soloist: Cathy N.
Occasionally Cool percussion ensemble


by Justina and Joyce, arranged by Marla Wasson
Quartet: Chris C. Jan D., Kim H., Chris C. and Lucy Twitchell
Occasionally Cool percussion ensemble

Vignette on the Nature of Family

Teresa A., with her daughters Emily & Katy

Everything Possible

Words and music by Fred Small, arranged by J. David Moore

Ensemble: Chris C., Laura D., Jan D., Kim H., Julie L., Linda M., Cathy N., Beth S.

Joan of Arc

by Ruth Huber

Vignette on Our Musical Ancestors

Lorraine H. and Cathy N.

Music In My Mother’s House

by Stuart Stott, arranged by J. David Moore

Vignette on the Silly Side of the Chorus

Suzanne N.

Big Legged Woman

by Marla Beth Elliott and the Righteous Mothers

arranged by Pamela Gerke

Chair dancers: Joanne N., Linda N., Suzanne N., Florence T. and Lucy T.

Medley from Sister Act

Arranged by Mac Huff
Hail Holy Queen: words and music traditional, arrangement by Marc Shaiman
I Will Follow You: English lyric by Norman Gimbel and Arthur Altman, original lyric by Jacques Plante, music by J.W. Stole and Del Roman
Shout: words and music by O’Kelly Isley, Ronald Isley and Rudolph Isley

Ensemble: Chris C/, Laura D., Jan D., Julie L., Linda M., Cathy N., Beth S., Arleen S.

Chorus Members’ Honor Roll

Russian Medley


Vignette on the Womyn's and Men's Choruses

Dan Krynak

The Awakening

by Joseph M. Martin

Vignette on the GALA Choruses Festival in Montreal

Cathy Hinman

Singing for Our Lives

by Holly Near, arranged by Anthony Haubert

Vignette on Our Future

Jan Davis

Here We Are

by Ruth Huber

Comin’ Into My Years

by Betsy Rose, arranged by J. David Moore

Ensemble: Laura D/, Jan D., Ginny D., Donna G., Kim H., Joanne N., Linda N., Suzanne N., Arleen S., Susan S., Shirley T.
Occasionally Cool percussion ensemble

Gaté Gaté

by Brian Tate

Trio: Laura D., Jan D., Julie L.

The Sanskrit text of Gaté Gaté appears at the end of the Prhajñaparamita Heart Sutra and is generally regarded as the essence of Buddhist teaching. Gaté is “gone,” gone from suffering to liberation, from forgetfulness to mindfulness, from duality to non-duality. Parasamgaté can be loosely translated as “the entire community of beings has gone over to the other shore.” Bodhi is the light inside, enlightenment, or awakening. Svaha is a cry of joy or excitement, like “hallelujah.”

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