This part of our web site is for our members (singers, board, and volunteers).


Dues are $60 per season (spring and fall). Please pay the treasurer. If you can afford more, make a monthly sustainer pledge. (Dues hardly pay for our sheet music, let alone all our other costs.)

Members-Only Email Group

This is an email list for easy and convenient communication among all of us. It has become our primary method of communication. Its purpose is to discuss chorus-related matters among all of us.

How To

It is maintained by Lucy, who will put you on the list when you join.

NOTE: If you change your email address, be sure to let her know, or you'll fall off the list.

Put the list address in your email address book: To send a message to everyone, just send it to that address.

Any message sent to that address goes to everyone on the list, which is everyone who has given us an email address.

TIP 1: You must post messages from the email account in which you are signed up for the list. If you try to post from a different address, the server will reject your message. That feature protects our list from getting "spammed" with junk mail.

TIP 2: If you reply to an email and the To: address is the address is the address of the person you're replying to, your email will just go to that person. To reply to everyone on the list, change the To: address to

Who Is On the List?

Every current singer and board member (who has an email address) should be on the list. Some members who are on leave are on it, too.

Members-Only Calendar

Our schedule is at

Contact Info

The easiest way to get a message to someone is to send an email to the whole group (with their name in the subject line)--but not everyone reads all messages.

Lucy maintains our roster, and e-mails the current version to the email group from time to time. Keep her posted on your current mailing address, e-mail, and phone numbers.

The chorus liaison email address is

Voice Mail

Cynthia S. allows us to publish her home phone number so that we can have a cost-free voice mail system; people who are interested in the chorus can leave messages seeking information. The number is on our home page: 717-564-0112.

We don't use this voicemail system to communicate with each other.

NOTE: years ago we had a system for recording a message here if there was a weather emergency, so we could find out whether rehearsal is cancelled. That has been replaced by the yahoogroup. If you don't have email, call your section leader or someone else.

Practice Files

Rehearsal files for each voice part can be downloaded from (If you can't figure out how to download these files or how to play them once you do, Linda M. can help.)

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